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The Designer

The Designer

urbandencity is the creation of San Francisco-based jewelry designer Kim Shephard. Influenced by her years of working as a fashion art director in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, Kim was inspired to develop a line of stylish and functional jewelry that reflects a range of urbane styles.

As the owner of the design firm Small Medium Large, Kim spent nearly a decade working in jewelry merchandising and product development for her various clients. She brings her vast knowledge of jewelry design and production to urbandencity, which launched in 2005. All urbandencity jewelry is handmade in Kim's studio, where she integrates leather, semi-precious stones, and delicately crafted metals to create her beautiful pieces. Her signature handmade pendants, which echo shapes found throughout all four collections, are as striking as they are elegant.

urbandencity is comprised of four distinct collections: jade, sienna , chloe, and kate. While each collection plays on the idea of a female archetype, the individual pieces urge the wearer to create her own unique style by mixing and matching pieces from the different collections:

chloe is sophisticated, subtle and has a delicate touch

jade is bold, exotic, and loves making a statement

kate is sporty, kicky, and favors a little flair

sienna is romantic, bohemian, and has eclectic style